How our QuickDraw© loans work

Once your QuickDraw© loan account is opened with us, you can choose to simply pay off your loan over the term you specify or you can choose to use the QuickDraw© (redraw) facility as and when you need it.

For most of our clients having the flexibility to QuickDraw© on their loan means they have easy acess to quick money when they need it without having to go through the application process again.

Here's an example of how it works. Tom opens a loan for $2000 with payments of $55.00 a week over 12 months. Sometime later Tom finds he needs another loan so he contacts us to confirm his current credit limit and to QuickDraw© on his account. He can choose to keep his repayments the same or increase his payments so he can QuickDraw© on his account for larger amounts or more often.

The first step is to complete the easy online application form Apply online now

How our Home-Owner's Debt Consolidation account works (up to $50,000)

If you are a home-owner and you are being dragged down by repayments on a number of credit accounts, credit cards, and other loans, NZ Finance's Home-Owner's Debt Consolidation account could be a great option for you.

By paying off those loans and credit accounts, consolidating them into a single loan, you can end up with a much lower single repayment which can be adjusted to suit your income, plus you get the flexibility of being able to redraw on the account should you need more money in the future.

The Home-Owner's Debt Consolidation accounts are currently only available to Auckland home-owners, however other parts of New Zealand may be included in the future.

Your Home-Owner's Debt Consolidation loan will not affect your current mortgage with your bank and you will continue making your bank mortgage payments as normal.

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Here's some other things you need to know when you open your QuickDraw© account...

  • Simple, one page on-line loan application that lets you complete the parts of the form that you are comfortable with.
  • We are entirely internet-based - no loan agreements or direct debit forms to sign and fax back. All QuickDraw© documents are signed online though our 'Secured Signing' process. The only documents you will be asked to email to us will be a payslip and your photo ID.
  • No need to visit an office or meet in person and you can call us 24/7 on our toll free 0800 85 55 55.
  • As a client you will have a dedicated account manager so you will not have to explain what you want to discuss with a different person each time you call.
  • Loans are processed no matter where you live in NZ.
  • You receive a detailed loan payment schedule with your loan documents which clearly shows your opening balance and your scheduled payments going forward. Easy to follow so you can keep track of your account.
  • No obligation to proceed until YOU decide.
  • You have the option to cancel your loan application at any time, no questions asked.

For more detailed information click on our FAQ page

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Thank you for easy and smooth application, great to deal with.
Cath, Wairoa, March 2018
I would also just like to say a HUGE thank you to Ken...this was by far the best, most simplest way to go...Highly recommended.
Lynn, Edgecumbe, February 2018
Thanks for your help Ken. You have great customer service!
Siobhan, Wellington, January 2018
Thank you for making the whole process so smooth and hassle free. Appreciated.
Arun, Auckland, December 2017
Your company has been GREAT service to me and my family so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Mua, Auckland, August 2017
You guys have been a great help to me in the past and I do like how your finance company works, easy and simple, no beating around the bush and always helpful, so thank you again!!!
Ula, Auckland, August 2017
Thanks so much for your help and time for helping me. I really am grateful and appreciate everything you have done.
Mel, Auckland, May 2017
Thanks so much for your help! That was a breeze. Appreciate it.
Ioana, Auckland, May 2017
Thank you - you are an awesome company!
Christine , Motueka, May 2017
Thank you for all your help and efforts. You have truly made things easier to manage and have taken a big stress off my shoulders.
Briar, Auckland, March 2017
Just wanna thank you kindly in regards to my application. I'm extremely grateful for your time spent on me and want you to know that you're very much appreciated.
Lee, Kaitaia, August 2016

Payment Waiver Agreement (called a Waiver agreement)

We recommend this product to all our QuickDraw© account clients because it gives them peace of mind. For a small fee you know your payments are covered for up to 8 weeks at any time during your loan with us if you are either sick or have an accident and are off work or you are made redundant. In the event of permanent disability or death the total loan balance is covered. 

The cost is $2.29 a week charged to your account monthly. This is an optional service which you can cancel at any time. Click here to view the Waiver agreement.


Why use NZ Finance Ltd for your personal loan?

Lots of so-called ‘finance companies’ on the web aren’t actually finance companies at all – they’re finance brokers. That means they’ll pass your application on to a genuine finance company like us, and take a cut in the process. But why would you want to deal with the middle men, when you can deal directly with the lender, and save yourself time and money?

Plus we’re a 100% Kiwi company, with real Kiwi staff, working right here in New Zealand. So when you talk with us, you’ll be speaking to a real person you can trust.