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Super PrimeRate personal loans

At 9.75% p.a., our Super PrimeRate is our best rate ever. With a maximum lend of $2,000 over a six month term, this is perfect when you just want to pay off your loan quickly. Affordable repayments and no security may be required. Apply online now.


Our best rate ever!

Super PrimeRate

personal loans

PrimeRate personal loans

You may be able to borrow up to $2,000 without security or up to $50,000 with security. This loan is ideal if your goal is to pay off your loan over a fixed period, without adding “top ups” and at a low 19.95% p.a., it’s a great PrimeRate. Apply online now.


Low Repayments


personal loans

QuickDraw top up loans

Just like our PrimeRate loans, you may be able to lend up $2,000 with no security or up to $50,000 with security. But the QuickDraw option gives you the chance to ‘top-up’ your loan when your loan balance is under its pre-approved QuickDraw limit and has no arrears. Perfect if you need a bit more flexibility. The cost to QuickDraw is $25 which is added to your account balance and it's simple and quick, no redocumenting of the loan. QuickDraw is our most popular account and enjoys a competitive rate of 22.95% p.a. Apply online now.


Flexibility of Re-draws


personal loans

Payment Protection (called a Waiver agreement)

We recommend this product to all our clients because it gives them peace of mind. For a small fee you know your payments are covered for up to 8 weeks at any time during your loan with us if you are either sick or have an accident and are off work. In the event of permanent disability or death the total loan balance is covered.

The cost of $2.24 a week can be included in your loan payments so that the actual payment you make remains the same. This is an optional product which you can cancel at any time.


Security for your loan

If you are using a vehicle for security it must have a current registration and warrant of fitness and be fully paid off. For homeowners, you can still have your normal mortgage with the bank and this will not be affected. NZF will register either a caveat or 2nd mortgage as security.

Why use NZ Finance Ltd for your personal loan?

Lots of so-called ‘finance companies’ on the web aren’t actually finance companies at all – they’re finance brokers. That means they’ll pass your application on to a genuine finance company like us, and take a cut in the process. But why would you want to deal with the middle men, when you can deal directly with the lender, and save yourself time and money?

Plus we’re a 100% Kiwi company, with real Kiwi staff, working right here in New Zealand. So when you talk with us, you’ll be speaking to a real person you can trust.

With NZ Finance Ltd you’ll get:

  • Unsecured personal loans up to $2,000 or with security up to $50,000
  • Simple, online application form
  • No need to visit an office or meet in person
  • Loans processed no matter where you live in NZ
  • No-nonsense answers to your questions
  • You receive a detailed loan payment schedule with your loan documents
  • No obligation to proceed until YOU decide

“I was with another finance company before. When I saw the difference in what they were charging me and what my new loan cost was, I couldn’t believe it’.

J.C., Hawkes Bay